Liquid coolers

The Liquid Coolers manufactured by FRIMETAL are designed to satisfy all the requirements of today's refrigeration market.


FRIMETAL manufactures two ranges of liquid coolers:

Series AL and ALE with frameworks in classic cubic type

Series VL and VLE with "V" shaped coils. Both ranges have a great variety of models covering a wide range of capacities.

The liquid to be cooled is in general water or glycol water used for condensation in refrigeration and air conditioning but it is also possible to use this units for the cooling of oils used for the lubrication of cold installation compressors as well as other fluids that can be used in all kinds of industrial processes.


The coils are built with an effective combination of copper tube and corrugated aluminium fins specially designed for condensation that provides a high coefficient for thermal exchanging. Fin spacing is always of 2.1 mm.


Even though only series AL, ALE, VL and VLE are standarized and catalogued as liquid coolers, any condenser currently manufactured by FRIMETAL can be built as a liquid cooler on request. For further information, consult our Technical and Commercial Departments.


All the liquid coolers manufactured by FRIMETAL compy with applicable Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE.



  • Possibility of vertical or horizontal placing
  • Fan motors wired to an external junction box
  • Liquid connection by flanges
  • Possibility of manufacturing special models in shape, size, type of fan motors, etc. adapted to the

    particular needs of our customers.
  • Fan motors type EC with electronic speed control with very high energy efficiency.

Anti Corrosión Treatments

  • Coil: coated with polyurethane resin or special treatment BLYGOLD
  • Tubes: zinced copper or stainless steel AISI-304L or AISI-316-L
  • Fins: pretreated aluminium or copper


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