At FRIMETAL we have always been at the cutting-edge on the vanguard of refrigeration. From our beginnings, our aim is to improve. That’s why we have decided to include in our manufacturing the option of settling stainless steel fins.

This solution responses the demand of many of our clients that for years have been asking for an efficient answer to extreme conditions. The major advantage of these exchanging coils with stainless steel fins is its resistance to corrosion. Besides, it is much more resistance and elastic than the aluminium fin, what allows it to be washed in a more proper way as you can use brushes and other mechanical methods without ruining the fins.

We can find many occasions where the stainless steel is a timeless guaranteed solution, i.e., in fishing industrial refrigeration. In many cases, salinity ends dissolving the aluminium, even in the cases where the protection was applied, and we can only get a guaranty in materials such as the stainless steel. But we can number more application examples, such as some procedures in chemistry industry incompatible with aluminium and other many applications.

Even if we would like to state that all are advantages in stainless steel, we cannot. Stainless steel is a worse thermal conductor than the aluminium, what implies assembling bigger equipment to the same capacity. Besides, it is a much harder material to work with and the raw material is more expensive, which has a significant economic impact in the final installation.
Now is the moment of shuffling the pros and cons you have in your installation and make up your mind if it is the most appropriate. Of course, we will be willing to help you to find you the most suitable option for your requirements.


In our aim of improving every day and in our process of guiding our design to the client, we have completely redesigned the range of gravity evaporators SN and EG, easing its istallation.

With this new design, both the EG and SN evaporators have the drip tray assembled inside the package, so they just have to be unpackaged and installed on their placement.

Besides, we have developed new brackets that can be easily and efficiently regulated in height and that also allow the regulation of the inclination of the evaporator and the drip tray. These brackets are ruled so we can check easily the height and inclination we are giving the evaporator.

All these improvements simplify the installer’s work, as one of our main goal.

This range is suitable when we want to get a non-aggressive cooling, without forced ventilation, for delicate goods. They are usually installed in 2-4ºC rooms in butchers, fishmongers, etc, to avoid the excessive dryness of the goods.