Refrigeration products for any industrial applications and requirements


Centrifugal unit coolers

The evaporators manufactured by FRIMETAL are designed to satisfy all the requirements of today´s refrigeration market.

Cubic evaporators for cold-storage or working rooms with positive temperatures. They incorporate centrifugal fan motors which allow the coupling of ducts to distribute the air evenly throughout the room.

Fin spacing: 4,2mm


  • Casing in aluminium sheet and galvanized steel coated in white polyester RAL-9002 resin with lateral panels easily removable to facilitate the access to the inside for cleaning and maintenance operation.
  • Intermediate and inferior tray covering the whole evaporator bottom for an optimum collection and evacuation of the condensed water.
  • Direct driven centrifugal fans with three phase electric motor 230/400V 50Hz and IP-44 protection.


  • Insulation anti condensation of the drip tray or the whole external casing.
  • Casing of mirror polished stainless steel.
  • Possibility of quote, design and manufacture special models in size, shape, type of fan motor, etc. adapted to the singular needs of our customers.
  • Example of these special models are drying units including bodywork, cooling and heating coils, fan motor and room to lodge the compressor or units for cold-storage or working rooms requiring special characteristics as anchorage to the floor instead of the ceiling, air outlets in different position from the standard, etc.
  • For more information, consult our Technical Department.
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