FRIMETRAL has always bet on keeping a high quality. Nowadays, this is even more necessary due to the fluorinated gases regulations, such as the European Regulation No. 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and the Spanish regulation No. 16/2016, article 5, dated 29th October, where the replenishment of these very gases is taxed.

At manufacturing our equipments, we do not leave anything to chance. In particular, we have different measures to improve the quality of the performance of our coils.

All our equipments and coils manufactured at FRIMETAL have been tested individually and are sent to our clients with dry air pressure inside, so that the client can examine that no damage has been caused during the transport.


After our visit to the Chillventa exhibition this last November in Nüremberg, we are glad to say that the balance is very positive.

We have spent 3 days welcoming many visitors and thanking the visit of our clients, but also making new acquaintances, selling our FRIMETAL brand even more internationally.

We have profited this exhibition to introduce novelties internationally, such as the new evaporators all built in stainless steel (tubes, fins, casing, ducts, grilles…), specific for corrosive ambience, i.e. the pharmaceutical industry, jointing rooms in meat industries, etc. where despite of the corrosion drawback, our equipments are durable and completely functional without any failure.