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Industrial refrigeration products for any application and requirement.



FRIMETAL offers a wide range of evaporators from different sizes and models that accomplish the actual refrigeration market’s requirements.


The equipments are designed to achieve a high performance, high reliability, and to ease their installation and maintenance, reducing the costs of exploitation and installation.


All the evaporators range is built with anticorrosion treatment. FRIMETAL offers a flexible manufacturing that allows the use of specific materials for high corrosion conditions, such as stainless steel tubes, aluminium fins, stainless steel fins and stainless steel casing.


For this purpose we have a wide range of models including cubic type evaporators, dual air discharge evaporators, floor mounted evaporators for freezing tunnels, centrifugal fans evaporators, small models for refrigerating cabinets, low air speed models, gravity evaporators and models for ammonia.

Designed and manufactured in Spain

FRIMETAL is proud of designing and manufacturing all our production in Spain, Europe. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards in our products as well as to offer a fast and efficient service to our customers.