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Industrial refrigeration products for any aplication or requirement



Centrifugal condensers are to be installed where the axial condensers cannot, either for lack of space or noise limitations. These condensers are perfect to be installed in compressor rooms, where they are kept hidden and protected from the exterior. To carry the air towards the outside, the possibility of connecting ducts to avoid the room overheating exists.


Centrifugal condensers are mainly used when there is no space on the facades or roofs, or when a noise limitation avoids us to install an axial condenser outdoors. The centrifugal condensers are normally installed on the compressor rooms and the hot air is carried towards the outside.


In order to achieve a low noise level and a high energetic efficiency, or a higher performance in reduced rooms, different types of fans can be installed.

All our centrifugal models are built with high speed three-phase fans to make our equipments highly reliable, and with high pressure available for moving the air through the conducts.


We can include all kind of options in our condensers. From different material such as stainless steel tubes, pre-treated aluminium or stainless steel fins, casings made of galvanized steel coated with an RAL-9002 white polyurethane resin of great structural strength and corrosion resistance.

Designed and manufactured in Spain

FRIMETAL is proud of designing and manufacturing all our production in Spain, Europe. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards in our products as well as to offer a fast and efficient service to our customers.