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Dual discharge for NH3

The evaporators manufactured by FRIMETAL are designed to satisfy all the requirements of today’s refrigeration market.



Nominal Capacities between 33,4 and 163 KW

Nominal Capacities between 33,4 and 163 KW

Dual discharge evaporators designed for use in fast cooling tunnels of medium or low temperatures where high air pressure is required, together with perfect air distribution through the product located on the pallets.

Manufactured with stainless steel tubes with options AISI-304L or AISI-316L expanded over aluminium fins.

Designed to work with refrigerant ammonia pumped, gravity feeding or direct expansion DX system. These units can also work with other refrigerants (R-404A, water-glycol, etc.) as an alternative to the standard copper tube models GR when the ambient condition inside the cold room is harmful for copper.

The evaporator must be placed in the centre of the tunnel ceiling and must occupy the entire length of the tunnel. The pallets holding the product must be located lengthways on both sides, separated by a central aisle for the air returning to the fans.

Series Fin Spacing Aplication
TNHM 4,2 mm Medium temperature tunnels
TNHB 7 mm Medium temperature tunnels
TNHL 9 mm Low temperature tunnels
TNHX 12 mm Very low temperature tunnels down to -40ºC


  • Casing manufactured in aluminium sheet and galvanized steel coated in white polyester RA002 resin of high resistance
  • Steel galvanized supports for anchoring to the ceiling
  • Axial three phase fan motors at 400V/50Hz of two types:
    • Diameter 630: external rotor, protection IP-54 and thermal protection (thermocontact)
    • Diameter 710: tubular aerofoil typy of high pressure and air flow with protection IP-55


  • All kind of defrosting systems: by electric heaters, hot gas, cycle inversion and water spreading.
  • Round heaters for the fan motors ducts.
  • Anti condensation insulated drip tray.
  • Special custom-made evaporators adapted to the dimensions of the tunnel can also be manufactured on request.