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Leading manufacturer of industrial refrigeration and air conditionating equipments


FRIMETAL has been designing efficient, reliable and durable solutions for the most challenging applications of refrigeration and industrial cooling for 60 years.

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FRIMETAL, S.A. is a Spanish company that manufactures evaporators, condensers and all kind of heat exchanging coils of finned tube for the commercial and industrial refrigeration market as well as for air conditioning.

Founded in 1963, FRIMETAL, S.A. is a leader company in the refrigeration sector that commercializes its products in Spain and all over the world, selling outside Spain about a 25% of its production.


Evaporators and condensers for HFCs, ammonia or CO2, liquid coolers (drycoolers) and brine chillers, finned tube exchanging coils and other types of heat exchangers.

Our General Catalogue, available in the section DOWNLOADS of this site, includes a wide range of all kind of models of different shapes and dimensions adapted for every need of the refrigeration market with an ample choice of options.

Also, in the DOWNLOADS section you will find at your disposal a software for helping with the selection of the models of the catalogue, introducing the working conditions.

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