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Industrial refrigeration products for any aplication or requirement



FRIMETAL has a wide range of evaporators, where the ammonia evaporators are included, and which comes with two defrosting possibilities depending on the number of heaters and heating power.


All three-phase fan motors of the series are two-speed models according to connection ∆/Y. From factory they come connected at high speed (∆). The change to low speed (Y) can easily be made on the junction box placed on each fan motor. This possibility allows reducing the volume of airflow as well as the sound level when conditions require it.


Stainles steel tubes for refrigerant ammonia, both for pumped systems and for direct expansion. There are two ranges of evaporators specifically designed for ammonia. Nevertheless, any evaporator model can be adapted for the use of ammonia if its coil is made with stainless steel tube.


We offer different options for our equipments: Casings are built of aluminum in some cases and galvanized steel sheet in others, coated with RAL-9002; defrosting: electric, by water, hot gas and cycle inversion; corrosion protections: pretreated fins, coated coil with polyurethane resin. Contact our Technical Department for further information.

Designed and manufactured in Spain

FRIMETAL is proud of designing and manufacturing all our production in Spain, Europe. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards in our products as well as to offer a fast and efficient service to our customers.