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Industrial refrigeration products for any application and requirement.



Besides evaporators and condensers completely assembled, FRIMETAL also manufactures on request heat exchanging coils built of copper tube expanded on aluminium fins. There is a wide range of possibilities regarding shape, external dimensions, refrigerant used, tube pitch, type of fins, finish, etc.


Evaporating, condensing and liquid (heating and cooling) coils manufactured with copper tube expanded over corrugated aluminium fins with a wide variety of options and possibilities. The applications are various: cooling cabinets, drying rooms, refrigerating units, freezing tunnels, air conditioning equipments…, and the refrigerant of every kind: HCF, CO2, NH3, water, glycol water and others.


Standard fins are corrugated and manufactured of aluminium rolls. For tube pitches of 3/8″, louvered fins can also be manufactured to improve the performances in air conditioning and condensation. Coils can be manufactured with any fin spacing different from the more commonly used. The fin collar sets in all cases the distance between the fins, it has a cylindrical form and covers all the surface of the tube allowing an optimal thermal exchange between the fins and the tubes. Coils with copper or stainless steel fins can also be manufactured as an alternative to aluminium for cases where the ambient conditions could damage this material.


The framework that covers the coil consists of end plates and lateral frames. The materials used can be aluminium, copper, galvanized steel or stainless steel sheets. Though there is a standardized design, coils with end plates and lateral frames of shape, dimension and supporting points specially adapted to every particular need the customer might have, can be also manufactured.

Designed and manufactured in Spain

FRIMETAL is proud of designing and manufacturing all our production in Spain, Europe. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards in our products as well as to offer a fast and efficient service to our customers.