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One of the refrigerants that has been talked about a lot lately as an interesting candidate to this substitution, at least for some applications, is Carbon Dioxide, also known as CO2 or by its name as refrigerant, R-744.


As a result of searching to find a suitable alternative to the current refrigerants, namely the hydrofluorocarbons HFC’s, in recent years the refrigerant and air conditioning industry has been studying and evaluating different possibilities among the so-called natural refrigerants, searching for the most suitable to comply with the characteristics and properties required for the use in refrigeration, being at the same time harmless to the environment.


The two main characteristics that differentiate CO2 from the rest of refrigerants an at the same time set up limits and determines its range of use are a high saturation pressure in all temperature ranges and a low critical temperature on only 31,1ºC.


Its environmental advantages are widely known. It has no ozone depletion potential (ODP=0) and its global warming potential (GWP) is much lower than the potential of the current hydrofluorocarbons. Anyway CO2 used as refrigerant is mainly obtained as an industrial waste product and therefore it is totally harmless from the point of view of environmental damage. Also, it is not toxic or inflammable.

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