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Refrigeration products for any industrial applications and requirements


Wall mounted

The evaporators manufactured by FRIMETAL are designed to satisfy all the requirements of today´s refrigeration market.



Nominal Capacities between 10,5 and 128,5 KW

Nominal Capacities between 10,5 and 128,5 KW

Wall mounted unit coolers with axial fan motors of diameter 500, 630 and 710mm specifically designed for blast freezing tunnels requiring a good air distribution and an efficient use of the available space.

They are anchored to the floor by legs and have two sections, the lower with the evaporating coil placed in vertical position and the upper section with the fan motors also positioned vertically. This disposition allows the air to enter and leave the unit through the same side and therefore it can be placed stuck to the wall saving a lot of room as a result.

Serie Fin Spacing Aplication
MRB 7 mm Medium temperature tunnels
MRL “9 mm” Low temperature blast freezing tunnels.
MRX 12 mm Low temperature blast freezing tunnels down to -40ºC.


  • Casing of aluminium sheet and galvanized steel coated in white polyester RAL-9002 resin. With easy access to the inside through the lateral plates for installation and maintenance operation. The fan motors are easily removable for its replacement.
  • Strong legs made of galvanized steel for anchoring the unit to the floor.
  • Axial fan motors three phase at 400V/50Hz of two types:
    • Diameter 500 and 630: external rotor, IP-54 protection and thermal protection (thermocontact).
    • Diameter 710: tubular aerofoil fans of high pressure and air flow with IP-55 protection.


  • All kind of defrosting systems: by electric heaters, hot gas, cycle inversion or water spreading.
  • Round heaters for the fan motors ducts.
  • Anti condenstation insulated drip tray.
  • Special custom-made evaporators adapted to the dimensions of the tunnel can also be manufactured on request.