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We have updated completely our selection software Frimetal KSelect with novelties in new gases, refrigerant fluids and new industrial cooling equipment.

Frimetal KSelect 2019 is available on our web site for any installer, distributor or engineer.

This new tool will help you calculating the evaporators, condensers and drycoolers including novelties such as:

  • Wide range of refrigerant gases, R-744 (CO2) included.
  • New series of machines, such as drycoolers and gravity evaporators.
  • Different materials for the calculation of coils, such as stainless steel tube and fins.
    Personalized options for each calculation, further the convenience of the client (insulated trays, different defrostings, etc).
  • New additions to the range of condensers and drycoolers with electronic fans, being able to regulate its speed of rotation, adequating the flow and efficiency in each case.
  • Calculation of air cooled condensers and liquid coolers with water spray system.
  • Machine calculation with pressure air drop.
  • The possibility of limiting the noise level.
  • Detailed plan of the calculated machine.
  • Detailed layout of the calculated machines.
  • Several simultaneous calculation tabs.
  • Higher printing quality of the technical sheets.
  • Automatic update of the software.

We hope all these improvements help you with the calculations of your Frimetal machines.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department.